Instagram is the most used platform in menswear. Many people know the power of this amazing social, the chances of being successful are many and the probability of becoming popular in this social in 2020 remains very high!

Unfortunately, however, many people despite spending several hours on Instagram and they are unable to increase their audience. Perhaps they would like to get more followers, but they don’t know the right methods.

Great! Today you are very lucky! Here I will explain you a practical method (there is nothing theoretical) that you just need to apply on your next photos. In fact, following this method, you will be able to build a perfect grid on your Instagram profile!

To get a perfect feed means posting perfect photos, one after the other. So in this blogpost we focus on the menswear topic, but this technique can be applied to all types of topic. Let’s begin!

First of all, in the photos you will post, you have to consider a lot the image crop. The ideal size image for menswear photos is 4:3.

Very often it’s more comfortable when you taking vertical photos with cameras, but cameras will have 2:3 aspect ratio, so if you don’t set the camera to 4:3, you will have to be careful not to take very close-up pictures. This is because when you going to resize the photo to 4:3, you could risk cutting off parts of the subject of the image that you wouldn’t.

Moreover, even when you upload images size 4:3 on Instagram, the app will probably crop another part of the subject of the photo (close cropped head or shoes) when you see the latter on your grid.

You can solve this problem really easily by taking a look at the previews of the Instagram filters before posting the photo. In fact, from the thumbnail previews of the Instagram filters, those will be of the same format that will later appear on your grid!

So in summary, take photos in 4:3 size (or 1:1 if you prefer square photos) and remember not to be too close to the lens. With camera the ideal diameter for menswear photos is 50mm or 70mm. Then check the photo you are about to upload from the preview of the Instagram filters.

By following this method you will post a perfect photo! By applying for all the photos, you will see your grid improve considerably, so that visitors to your page will immediately see a quality profile.

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This was just one of many techniques to use.

Another very important technique are the colors you use on your profile. This is mainly due to the filters. Here I refer you to the City Jungle Presets, where I have spoken a lot lately.

The perfect post in menswear is also given by the looks you choose for your shots. In fact, the choice of outfit is of primary importance after understanding the technique just explained.

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That’s all for now! Are you ready to make a difference? 😉

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See you soon, Elio

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