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ESSENTIAL PACK. (Presets x 10) The first professional package, suitable for professional and inspiring influencers. This pack is equipped with presets suitable for fashion and travel pictures. Inspired by the tropical colours of Thailand and the white marble of the main European cities. Also suitable for selfie, moody and so on… Enjoy! 🙂

12,50 €




The presets will be sent to you immediately via email once payment is received. You’ll also be sent a PDF document which I’ll explain easily step by step how to import and use the presets.

Of course, you can see the best result through a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR), but you can achieve great result even with pictures from iOS or Android mobile.

These presets will work only on the mobile Lightroom app which you can download for free in the App Store or Play Store.


10 DNG Essential Presets for mobile

1 Installation PDF guide to install the Lightroom Presets | ENG

1 Installation PDF guide to install the Lightroom Presets | ITA



Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor. Mobile App  (Free Version)



Because these presets are of the latest generation, designed to work on Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor (iOS & Android), because it has a much simpler system than other presets. The setting has been completely revised, these are the fastest presets ever for professional use. Because these presets are the most trending of the moment about the fashion industry and travel blogging. Secondly, because you can get high quality presets guaranteed 100% Made in Italy at a competitive price than others around the web or on Instagram.


You may only use these products for personal or professional use. This license extends to the single, individual purchaser. This license does not extend to companies or partnerships and may not be resold, loaned, and/or gifted to another individual and/or party. You may not share, loan or redistribute/sell or copy any of these files in any way. All Presets, Actions, Overlays, and Digital Backdrops by are copyright protected.


Q: What will I receive?

A: You will receive an email with download link after payment has been processed.

Q: How do I install City Jungle Preset on my mobile phone?

A: Installation PDF guide is included in the downloaded.

Q: Do I have to pay Lightroom Photo Editor to download?

A: Does Lightroom Photo Editor App which is free on the App Store and Play Store.

Q: Can I purchase the City Jungle Presets as a gift?

A: Yes, of course! Simply you put the email of the person your gifting down when checking out. This way she/he’ll receive the City Jungle Presets straight to she/he inbox! 

Q: Does Lightroom Photo Editor App cost anything to use?

A: The Lightroom Photo Editor app is free of charge, only requires a registration.

Q: Do the presets and the Lightroom App work on iPad?

A: Yes, the presets and the Lightroom App work on the iPad as well as on the smartphone.

Q: The images I downloaded from the link are black or blank?

A: Don’t worry, this is normal! The files will be DNG format and show up on your camera roll as blank photos. They will show up like that until you import them into Lightroom.

Q: How do I know if I shoot RAW or JPEGs images?

A: Get the info. If you have files that you are not sure what they are, if you can see the filename and it ends in . jpg or . jpeg, the files are JPEGs. If you see something like ARW or NRW at the end of the filename, those are likely raw captures.