Physical swimming workouts play a big part in our routine to maintain a healthy life.

People often go for runs or hit the gym in the name of keeping fit. But daily swimming acts upon your body so efficiently that you do not have to work out in such vigorous ways to get the same benefits. Water supports and cushions your body, but at the same time provides gentle resistance, meaning that your entire body gets a low impact yet thorough workout.

WHOLE BODY WORKOUT: Those who train in the gym usually repeat a series of exercises targeting different parts of their bodies and so, in a single day, do not work out their whole body. Swimming, on the other hand, ensures the movement of the whole body and works on each part involuntarily. Your muscles get stretched (increasing their flexibility) and strengthened (helping you get toned). It also takes care of your endurance and increases your capability to work out more.

INTERNAL HEALTH BENEFITS: As well as improving your outward appearance (looking fitter and more toned), swimming also takes care of your inner cardiovascular system. Your heart and lungs perform more efficiently and your chances of getting a heart attack are greatly reduced. Swimming maintains your blood pressure and helps proper blood circulation without stressing any particular area of the body.

It is a great exercise for people with asthma, who can improve their breathing through different techniques.

BODY PAIN RELIEF: Being inactive as we age can cause a lot of issues in the bones and their density. Ageing people suffer from arthritis and osteoporosis quite often. Swimming helps lubricate the joints and can help recover from injuries and other temporary pains. Swimming is an ideal exercise for the elderly, pregnant women and those with physical disabilities.

MOOD BOOSTER: After a long tiresome day, when the mind wants some refreshment, a good swim can be a priceless remedy. Swimming for about 30 minutes can induce a meditative state which helps overcome the mental load you’ve been carrying. It brings focus, reduces stress, and helps you get a sound and peaceful sleep once you lay down at the end of the day.


So you see, swimming is not just a fun activity: it is the overall maintenance of your health. Some alone time in the water, controlling your breathing and pushing your limits, gives you both physical and mental benefits.

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